Golden Sands

Natural park Golden Sands

The park is situated on 277m. altitude and area of 1320 ha. It is declared as a protected territory in 1943. The area of the tourist complex Golden Sands is 177,13 ha. This is why most of the park preserved in it’s natural way. The proximity with the sea, the soft climate and the sea breeze affected the flora and fauna of the park. That’s why it’s very distinguished from the other national parks. Thick forest of broad-leaved trees, covered with lianas, comes gently to the beach.


Golden Sands has “Blue flag” – a prestige international prize for ecologically clear air. Each month, the most important parameters of the atmosphere, sea and sand are examined. In the complex area there are few transports – velo-rickshas, mini-trains and solar battery taxis.


The length of the beach shore in the resort is 3,5km and on some places it reaches 100m in width. It’s known as one of the best sand beaches in Europe.
The beach is flat, covered with gold fine sand. The sandy sea bed is going smoothly in the sea, there are no rocks and sharp changes of the sea floor.
The very often calm sea waters with low substance of salt, for example lower than the Mediterranean sea, and the absence of dangerous for the people fishes and sea animals are appropriate for bathing of children and diving.


The climate is soft, moderately-continental, close to the climate of the famous Mediterranean resorts. The average day temperature in the summer is: the air 27°С, the sea 24°С.
The summer is long and hot and the sun baths are possible from May to October. The heats are not so big, because of the sea breeze. There are no high temperature amplitudes.


Among this magnificent forest massif, there are 69 hotels, 14 of which are 4 stars, and most of the others are 3 stars. There are a lot of restaurants and places to eat, sport and entertain, not only on the main street along the beach. The gold beach starts immediately after the forest. A big richness of the resort are the mineral resources.


Attraction park “Aquapolis” – the most beautiful water park in East Europe, is also the first Bulgarian one, build in unique Moorish-Mediterranean style. It is positioned in the north-west part of complex Golden Sands, on the main road from complex Riviera towards complex Albena. The water park is situated in the forest with amazing view to the sea and the whole resort.